Basic Chinese Language Class

Duration 0.5 year
Starting Date March, September
Tuition Fee ¥4,500 (RMB)
Teaching Language Chinese

Program Infomation

a. Length of Study: about 18-22 weeks.
b. Opening Time: Every March and September. 
c. Hours of Instruction: Monday to Friday, 10-12 periods a week. 
d. Class Size: 10-20 students.  
e. Expected Achievement: HSK level 3 and above. 

f. Course content: 

Obligatory Course

Optional Course


Language & Cultural Practice

Integrated Chinese

(vocabulary & grammar),

Primary Listening and Speaking,

Primary Writing

Pen-and-ink Calligraphy,

Poem Appreciation,

Traditional Chinese Culture,

Chinese Folk CustomsPingpong

Tai Ji Quan,

Chinese Painting,

Chinese for Cuisine and Dining

Students Activity,

Museum Visit,

Oral Chinese Contest,

Chinese Writing Contest,

Sport Activity

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